Thursday, June 14, 2018

You don’t realize the beauty of it then!

When I was 20, I was afraid of becoming 30
I thought I will die, if I became 30
I became 30,
And unsurprisingly, I was alive
I realized it was really beautiful then
When I was 30, I was afraid of becoming 40
I thought the world would end, when I become 40
I became 40, and sadly I was the same
When I became 50
I realized it was really beautiful then
I look back to 50, and think the same when I’m 60
I look back to 60, and think the same when I’m 70
In front of death, every last moment is the climax of your life.
All ages are like a flower
You just don’t know how beautiful each age was at that time.
( translated from a Korean poem)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Empty jar....

Like a broken empty jar
This heart is lost in a battle
That wasn’t known to world
 But hum could be felt from a far.

The doubts are rising
In the ghosts of my past
 Numb or barren
 This broken soul’s at par

Drowning in a sea of sorrow
Lost my way to home
The shore was there, caught my sight
Was only an illusion ... a mirage?

Perhaps we all were strayed
Wayward and mislaid
Some conceal better, stayed sharp
Continued their journey, in the dead dark.
(by Samima shah)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Colour Me Happy

Neither red or blue, nor a shade of hue
Colour me happy with shades very true

No lies no deceit, or tales climbing high
Enough to live and love & some friends passing by

While looking back in life, take this note my dear
Its impurity of matters that I always fear

Fades and lust, though are shiny to bear
But love trumps all, mighty as sterling clear

Winds would be strong and storms be in search

But calm is a place, in the autumns of silver birch
(Samima Shah)

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Red Orange Leaves.

Crackling on the way
 These winds never stay
Don’t hide those tears
And fold those tenfold fears
But people always say
Its life that we portray
You think it’s all forever
But neither life nor you were here
We had our greener days
Were happy in breezy sprays
Thought times would never end
On fleek those times spend
Had shades as thick you imagine
That grew with time like passion
But things don’t stay forever
It’s the law of universe, a hidden treasure
Let go is the message we give
Life isn't for living but to outlive.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Paths !

Paths were made
Sealing one’s fate.
Tunes high n low rung
For the songs of love and hate

Regrets will eat me up
Ghosts of past emerging high
Wake me up from this nightmare
 Reality’s also bitter, so I cry

Why I looked for others
Why felt pain of everyone
Lost in those paths; never meant for me
Tangled in the yarn; that others spun

Or is every stone stacking
In its place, is at home
Confusions organized as myriad divisions
Still clinging to faith; my only option.
(Samima Shah-Faheem)