Monday, January 28, 2013

Let go!!

I've grown out and broken your spell
Free as a bird, destined to marvel.
Your wickedness and foul play, left behind
Vileness now doubled as echoed and repelled.
Confound in devilry, with a mark of Cain
You are a prisoner of mind who’s hard to impel.
A farewell, a departure, a covert blessing
Such a finale, tale love to retell.
Found that peace of soul and beyond
All  knots untied, nothing to unravel.
My destiny, way ahead; my journey though long
But far from treachery, & bound to excel.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Inward Struggle!!

Senses numb, breathing hard and streite
Each moment, a battle with a demon inside
 Its enormity vast, not shrinking, even slight
Leading to my soul’s perplexity & plight
Confound in its maze, lacking options outright
Lost in its depth, but gaze on height
For a new day I long, for this sun to shine bright
But darkness still murky, lasting long is this night.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Untitled Poem in "The Visionary" The Lady's Book, (1833-1834)~~ E.A. Poe

Thou wast that all to me, love, 

 For which my soul did pine— 
A green isle in the sea, love—
 A fountain and a shrine 
All wreathed round with wild flowers,
 And all the flowers were mine! 

But the dream—it could not last; 
 Young Hope! thou did'st arise 
But to be overcast ! 
 A voice from out the Future cries
" Onward !" while o'er the Past, 
 Dim Gulf! —my spirit hovering lies, 
Mute — motionless — aghast !

For alas !—alas !—with me 

 Ambition —all— is o'er;
" No more — no more — no more"—
 (Such language holds the breaking sea 
To the sands upon the shore,) 
 Shall bloom the thunder-blasted tree, 
Or the stricken eagle soar ! 

And all my hours are trances,
 And all my nightly dreams 
Are where the dark eye glances—
 And where thy footstep gleams
In what ethereal dances, 
 By what Italian streams. 

Alas ! for that accursed time 
 They bore thee o'er the billow, 
From me!—to titled age and crime, 
 And an unholy pillow— 
From Love, and from our misty clime, 
 Where weeps the silver willow!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Beauty of Nature!!

Small seeds of acts, flowers to character in life
Though happens subtly & grasp isn't fast;
Clustering enhances visibility to gardener
But picture painted to world long lasts.

Beauty of character must be there;
In acts all public or clandestine.
Practicing daily & merging in nature
So beauty becomes nature; will spring n shine.

Truth without corruption adheres to integrity
Lies and dishonesty leads to falsehood of life,
Few believe honesty a virtue; few act and exercise
Self-deceit holds them to act otherwise.