Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Goes Around, Comes Around (A True Story)

1892, Stanford University
A young, 18-year-old student was struggling to pay his fees. He was an orphan, and not knowing where to turn for money, he came up with a bright idea. A friend and he decided to host a musical concert on campus to raise money for their education.
They reached out to the great pianist Ignacy J. Paderewski. His manager demanded a guaranteed fee of $2000 for the piano recital. A deal was struck. And the boys began to work to make the concert a success.
The big day arrived. Paderewski performed at Stanford. But unfortunately, they had not managed to sell enough tickets. The total collection was only $1600. Disappointed, they went to Paderewski and
explained their plight. They gave him the entire $1600, plus a cheque for the balance $400. They promised to honour the cheque soonest possible.
“No.” said Paderewski. “This is not acceptable.” He tore up the cheque, returned the $1600 and told the two boys “Here’s the $1600. Please deduct whatever expenses you have incurred. Keep the money you need for your fees. And just give me whatever is left” The boys were surprised, and thanked him profusely.
It was a small act of kindness. But it clearly marked out Paderewski as a great human being. Why should he help two people he did not even know?
We all come across situations like these in our lives. And most of us only think “If I help them, what would happen to me?” The truly great people think, “If I don’t help them, what will happen to them?” They
don’t do it expecting something in return. They do it because they feel it’s the right thing to do.
Paderewski later went on to become the Prime Minister of Poland. He was a great leader, but unfortunately when the World War began, Poland was ravaged. There were over 1.5 million people starving in his country, and no money to feed them. Paderewski did not know where to turn for
help. He reached out to the US Food and Relief Administration for help.
The head there was a man called Herbert Hoover – who later went on to become the US President. Hoover agreed to help and quickly shipped tons
of food grains to feed the starving Polish people. A calamity was averted.
Paderewski was relieved. He decided to go across to meet Hoover and personally thank him. When Paderewski began to thank Hoover for his noble gesture, Hoover quickly interjected and said, “You shouldn’t be thanking me Mr. Prime Minister. You may not remember this, but several years ago, you helped two young students go through college in the US .
I was one of them.”
The world is a wonderful place. What goes around usually comes around.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Token of Life (by Samima)

When life gives a token to retrospect
Smile for good & learn from bad days
Permeate through past, let never invade
It’s the memory lane not cliches.

Man is nature’s best marvel,
Unique in his own state
Deals with adventures in life
And survives its monotony, when overplayed.

Wisdom is to keep on running
No matter how long or what it takes
The destination is already set
But paramount is the joy one makes.

Don’t count others favors
Or say their grass is Green
Stems only bitterness
Water your turf, keep it clean.

Be grateful, never forgrant blessings
Explore creativity, will set you fly
Love the life and the people around
Feet on ground, yet gaze very high.

Your life is your gift from God,
The rest stays Inconsequential
 This recall will bring smile to your face
 Glee would be vast, bliss quintessential.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bragging Modesty (by Samima)

Why boast modesty? Wasn't handpicked
Bragging seems silly, when was obligation strict.

Posing wise on patterns borrowed by others
Followed a code & custom, or advise by mothers.

Justifying tartness, when Grapes felt sour
Choice will be different, when given some power.

Sour now bad and 'the grapes weren’t mine'
Go with flock, is their new punch line.

Decency is out; it’s Vanity that’s in
Advance WE are, hold up the chin.

(Dear!) Modesty is a virtue but its flaunting isn’t smart
Simple or Not, be honest with all heart.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Failures ( by Samima)

Like falling down from a rock
Never expected but things flopped
Was left speechless & mindblocked.

There was much struggle and toil
Was up many nights,thought life spoiled
 Surprised big time, 'coz it recoiled

At times its a blunder, or just fright
Failing isn’t the end, Not trying adds plight
Say No to timidity, don’t fly but fight

The priceless failures and tears
Are the inevitables, one can’t spare
Will be gems of Crown, only triumphs wear.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Love ...

While working round the clock, 24/7
Had this special feeling, for some I’m heaven.

Children and husband slumbering, sound sleeping
Weekend for ‘em, for me chores peeping.

Providing their wants with fresh looks
I’m the Home ministry, a Manager, & Cook.

Was hasty once, got this tolerance unmatched
Love is wonder ingredient, extra feature attached.

It never lets me down, keeps me up and green
Day gives new energy and the Sun new sheen.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Ever After (by Samima)

Ever been in a dream
With kings and queens
Where beautiful fairies fly
And witches snoop and spy
Some long dreamy days
Where worry never stays
But things took turn & were spellbound
Utopian it was, now castle’s a compound
Then he came, the destined one
Kiss ended jinx, all sorcery shun
Just begun, was my happy ever after
Rise and Shine Princess, Alarm rung its laughter.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

An Example (by Samima)

Hell is raised, when unworthy gets an upper hand
History suggests &  time will tell, all wrong stands
A little success or temporary power, enough to make one wild
But  tables turn & Time swaps, HE is there to  Smile
One Great power always there, was gazing silently
Finally caters these dramaphilics, with wrath exemplary.