Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lemons & Life!!

Crossed and hurt, never had enough
While others rewarded in galore.
Don’t feel bad when served lemons
Squeeze them well, and ask for more.

It happens to us all
So continue whatever is yours
No stopping for others conjecture
Can’t gauge your worth, better Ignore.

Can shine, don't need sparkles
Accent mounts others dare explore
Be the window with a unique view
A bold key to open feared doors.

You will course through stormy seas
Swim very hard to reach clear shore
Road can be long & course very crooked
But struggle never futile or useless anymore.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am Enough!!

I remind myself constantly
That learning from mistakes is a rare ability.

Have that strength to overcome trials
 Smile in hard times, consider whining a vile.

Keep head high when the world’s falling
Miracles of nature, do find their calling.

Wonderful beings with power enormous
Laugh and be grateful, even for small stuff.

Say: I want to live every moment of life
Without thinking of tomorrow, in present I dive.

I am enough and I will be fine
Never let life's bitterness , shape or define.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things Matter!!

Emotions felt & experience that connects
 All put in lines, never to forget.

Sometimes its anger, at others cheers loud
Penning down the spirits of high hazy clouds.

Often I wonder, what difference it makes
A voice reminds: ‘do your share, whatever it takes’.

Turn better or worse, won't be a regret
Power bestowed shall be written in violet.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Green and White!!

Never knew how the  serenity stunned
Some brief conflicts became Armageddon.

I longed for your peace, day’s n nights
(Like you) bore many pressures, fought many fights.

Bloomed in you, seen the best n worst
My love for you is an unquenchable thirst.

Felt your pain, were terrorized n tripped
Defended, repulsed, when verbally whipped.

Seen the world, offers things very best
But nothing’s comparable to your colors or fests.

Hold on my land, the roaring days are near
Many loyal n patriots ,though silent but in sphere.

The Crescent will be shiny and Star more calm
When Green will be tolerant for the White in Pakistan.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A West side Story

Fears irrational, dwellers of mind
Timid & uncertain with horrors unknown
Doubts need time to scatter, dispel
And vagueness space, before it’s gone.

Alien it was, found best resolve
Was empty-handed, now with fortune overload
There’s a light after every dark spell
A beacon so clear, its glow foretold.

Insight’s mine, awareness home
Wisdom’s a flame, burns bright and high
An odyssey of life, with self discovery
It’s prudence and truth, one can’t deny.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Keeping Standards High!

Always keep your standards high. Read good books, listen and learn from people of high mores. All these things will unclutter your thoughts and perception of the world.  It ain't very hard to attain, just don't surrender for anything of lesser value. Standards will be high and valued at the same time. (Samima)

Autumn Joy

Heart  harmonized, senses peace and joy
Feeling the breeze and serenity ahoy.

Softness of solitude intensified
Soul approaching Nature, then reside.

Now is a part, to make me a whole
What’s self what’s not, close my goal.

Living so deep and never to be found
Where it commensed, where confound.