Thursday, August 09, 2012

Historical Echo!! (by Samima)

Dive into books & permeate Past
It’s  same story, action replayed
Heard of history repeating itself?
Was negligence by us, & time relayed.

One civilization ascents high
Wealth and blessings are at peaks
But morals fall and standard lows
When line in Right & Wrong bleaks.

Society is there but essence lost
Collaboration it was, usurped Greed
Violence and fear dance with glee
Children of era swallow such seeds.

Would snatch whatever they want
No rules applicable or mores logical
What been taught, what been seen
Society contagious & pathological.

Rich living in castles and enclaves
Obsessed with money, buying in tens
Still despondent and hungry
Paranoia high, fear never ends.

Nothing would fill their bellies
As world is cursed with Greed
Lessons discovered by those
Who remember, think and read.

For rest, its repetitions and replays
 History was past, will be their coming
A nightmare bound to recur every night
A plague once broken, or tsunami forth coming.