Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elastic Morality

Its either black or white,
Rigidness high, while judging other’s matter
Dish things out, but can’t take from platter?

What grade your child’s getting?
Staring the dress, “which sect u adhere”?
There’s much “Haram in your Halal, I swear”.

 Judgments sharp & opinions negative.
Got sentenced, 't was inevitable
Dealing with a moralist, goodness a fable.

But Moralities turn lax & principles elastic
When self was to answer
Grey is important, as line in white & black blur

“My Children are only children
 they will soon learn”..
“what's  haram or halal? …. I earn”..

“Well life is about gives and takes”
and “opinions often misleads”
There’s eventual goodness in all My deeds.

Cold judge for others
For self are lawyers, temperate
are bigoted souls and religion is hate. 
(by Samima)