Thursday, June 28, 2012

That Despicable Self.

Selfish people
With indulgent lives;
Denying others,
(Even) vulgarity shys.

Living on lies
Eating on vile,
Mean in sight
Despicable smile.

Using nobility
And virtue metaphors;
Are at loss,
These bigoted trolls.

Rage overpowers against
Such brainless fanatics,
Deal very wisely;
And method Socratic.

Slow and steady,
Yet very consistent;
Some rhythmic drops
Can crack mountains.

For such sporadic vexers
Becomes that regular teaser;
Give lesson of a lifetime
(But) not of Brutus to Caesar.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inside Us (by Samima)

Inside us we carry that parallel self
A burial vault without any delf
A little prick wakes up that oppressive pain
Buried deep in past with lots of strain
Ugly regrets which weren’t ones fault
Nothingness exaggerated, life craving a halt
 The feeling of lone & lost thing
One trusted most, damage the life string
Taking relations sensitivity, always for granted
Something and some words, just couldn’t be supplanted
 Left behind is the mirror with a crack
Which magnifies self, one less shiny…other very black.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Taming the Slanderer!!

Ever felt in discussion or heavy spotlight;
Bitchy talks after you or just a backbite.
You are in debates for mornings & noon
Not even spared for evenings or night.
Prime discourse to some silly trolls,
Jealousy main reason, something else may excite.
Feel the pride and enjoy the delight
Be a knot to their throat, which adds the plight.
Its taming the slanderer with his own evil
By keeping calm and shinning very bright.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Autistic Cry!

Special is the term suggested for me
Coz I am the 1 in 150
You say I’m complex & difficult to handle
What I feel? Let me light a candle
Through tantrums, I want you all to hear
The burden I carry, which only I bear
Want to rest, sleep; but can’t
Love to help you, wish could rant
I love my parents, but can’t express
Want cuddles & hugs, I must confess
Simple things for me are so uphill
Days and nights, a constant drill
Wish had friends, to play & have fun
 But can’t speak & express, so always turn
I want to look at people and see
But eye contact is so hard for me
Some call me a hermit and a loner
I have a world in me, I am its owner
Still I am special, a beautiful whole
Wish was a diamond, but people call coal.
So many judge me for who I’m
But I'm trusting my God for His special plan.
(by Samima)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

This too shall pass!!

You did your best
But things went wrong,
 All efforts pointless;
Some days are very long.

The Rain will stop
The sun will smile,
 Life will be great;
But wait a little while.

Use the patience key;
That unlocks many gates.
Its Lessons very lasting;
But embracing isn’t straight.

So, don’t lose hope
 And give your best,
Despair is corruption
Wait for the best.

Believe in yourself,
As sorrows will harass.
But Life takes turns
This too shall pass.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Life's Race (Samima)

All want, the best things of Time
Burn ourself and always whine
Regret & lament,  nothings good enough
Life was hard and too much tough
Magnify the context, Content unknown
Left the meaning of life Alone
Our much is little, more is less
Wants are the Needs, We always Press
Such higher and  Intelligent Beings
Who take Life as End, not  just Means
Purpose was Happiness , finding Glee
Accessed by some who were free
Rest ran Fast and Won their Race
But Lost to Life, when matched Pace.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Share of Success (by Samima)

Your dreams your wishes
On road, in their quest
When  fell or lost
Neither were helped nor addressed.

Struggles, your share of life
Battles and trials, your fate
As world only invests
In victors, winners and Greats.

If in past were alone
Now in  heaps of requests
Got any idea? Can you assess?
Everybody wants to share that success.

Pay the World in same coin
or its your Karma to smile and suppress
Eye for an eye, is your right
Better to advance, not regress.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

30th page

My Life, my story,
Like a play on stage
A book with a tale
Year for me, for you just a page.

The first few ones
Day's innocent, beautiful age
But times get hard,
were destined to rage.

In teens  imagined
Bird trapped in a cage
Who dreams about freedom
Feathers all white with a little beige.

Twenties spent, in tests n struggles
Came of age, can measure n gauge
limits and restrictions, are all in your head
Its Liberation Day, on my 30th page.

Self Reliance

A naïve little girl
Always shy and scared.
But hard knocks (of life) tamed her well;
Self-reliant now and fully prepared.

In the long journey of fear and timidity
Fallen many times, apprehension paired
Exaggerated modesty was mere cowardice
Boldness and assertion, never dared

Life and Time are two great teachers
Many lessons learned with wisdom shared
Happy now, grown out  from past
Things are better and much repaired.

Self reliance her Gold and freedom her riches
To people has accounts undeclared.
Assertiveness and confidence are now her jewels
People and life, all  pretty squared.