Monday, October 29, 2012

If I had any learning!!!

If I had any learning
Of a highway wide and fit,
Would I lose it at each turning?
Yet look at people spurning
Natural use of it!
See how fine the palaces
And see how poor the farms,
How bare the peasants' granaries
While gentry wear embroideries
Hiding sharpened arms,
And the more they have the more they seize,
How can there be such men as these
Who never hunger, never thirst,
Yet eat and drink until they burst!
There are other brigands, but these are the worst
Of all the highway's harms. 
(Lao Tzu)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn in Mosaic!!

Shreds of red n orange, on base very jade
Spread in the yard, winters on the chase
Tangled all the way, dispersal is its phase
Fall on the way, my autumns in mosaic.

Chills in the wind, blowing in all grace
No warmth in trees, no more cozy shades
Saying bye with a hope, then asks to wait
Fall on the way, my autumns in mosaic.

Same were the days
 You by my side and a hint of haze
Lost somewhere, never solved that maze
Fall on the way, my autumns in mosaic.

Come home back to me, you are dearly missed
For world its fall, but my heart’s ablaze
Desires so many, like the buds in Mays
Fall on the way, my autumns in mosaic.

Monday, October 22, 2012

An Inevitable Adventure: Change!

A beautiful wonder known as Change
Alters; once green, dispersed in islets
To polished wholes, in garnered violets.

Was always there, will continue to be
 For a sage, rare cues are enough
But fool assumes, can resist and bluff.

 Whether its a caterpillar to butterfly,
 From sand to pearl, or coal to diamond
The change neither stops, nor stuns.

So learn while strolling  the path of wisdom
Don’t be a frog, thinks no change comes to his well
It’s a route brayed by fools, to live life in a shell.

Remember, Change is absolute;
Inevitability, with many struggles and strives.
An adventure for existence, its synonym is Life.


Power to Choice!!

What is the world about?
Days tearing through drapes of nights
Spring sprouting buds after winter
Or a beacon after a spell of Dark plight.

Is it goodness separating from a vile?
Always a cycle, a circle of life
Circle completes itself, with both its halves
Has no choice, but a constant strife.

Man is here to experience it all
The day is brighter after weary night
The vivid spring, following dull winters
 Evil is disturbing once concerned Uprights.

Freedom feels blessing, in known restraints
 But Man is superior to all voices
 Universe was created for him
Bestowed him, power of knowledge & choices.

Privilege to pick, took him to the top
Such option, not given to anything else
Rest is bound to move in single path
Free is Man, in the rounds of universe.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Peace in Chaos!!

Release the past, Keep your present
Wisdom is to take things the way they’re meant.
Without altering their course
Very pure, very whole, like the source.
Never own, won’t be feared losing
But still would have its presence, very flourishing.
Keep the change, Leave tedium conformity
 Transition brought peace, chaos usurped monotony.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Malala (A poem for The Brave Pakistani Girl)

Little girl, courage so high, even Everest shy
Stood against savages, fought bigotry piled high.

Her philosophy: love, her initiative: wisdom
 Bulletproof are such ideas, World stunned.

She longs peace, the silent warrior of Nation
 Shock enough to move her country’s dormant companions.

May u live long Malala, the purest of souls
On return, will find many with you, in your hard strolls.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lao Says All!!

Knowledge studies others
Wisdom is Self-known;
Muscle master brothers
Self Mastery is Bone,
Content need never borrow
Ambition wanders blind:
Vitality cleaves to the marrow
Leaving death behind.
(Tao Te Ching)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Life ~ A Potpourri

Life neither pauses, nor stops
Yet continues to amaze me.

Yesterday despondent, without hope
Now glad as light, it’s a potpourri.

Hidden like secrets in layers n folds
Manifested, revealed as epiphany.

Realization is a blessing, a gain for self
Privilege abandoned by so many.

Have the eye to view, ear to listen
Wisdom inherent, in universe abundant n free.


Saturday, October 06, 2012


You can act like a stone  
Riffling water a little, when thrown.

Or a rhythm, generating lasting waves
The message is consistency in ripples one plays.

Though vileness is only ephemeral 
Goodness is that Wind, change courses eternal.

 Without darkness, light lacks its meaning
With no confusion, the clarity stays demeaning.

It’s the vagueness that asks direction
Its nothingness that seeks perfection.

Doubts bring peace & impossibilities many chances
Corruption we thought, but Virtue made advances.

Deceit tries to undermine Faith
Beautiful thing, that a choice we have.

Which resonates with you is the best one
 Ripples reaching corners, like the rays of mighty Sun.


Monday, October 01, 2012

Let it be!!!

These tiny drops called tears
Came roaring from your inner sea  
Set you free, when wandering in haze
Gazed through time, peace found with glee.

They seek your forgiveness,  from you
 When rugged are the times
Carry pain outside so gently
 Like the harmony wind plays with chimes.

Never a sign of fault or failing
But tells your conscience, be strong & free
A molten courage that reminds you again
Wisdom is…. to let it be.