Monday, October 22, 2012

Power to Choice!!

What is the world about?
Days tearing through drapes of nights
Spring sprouting buds after winter
Or a beacon after a spell of Dark plight.

Is it goodness separating from a vile?
Always a cycle, a circle of life
Circle completes itself, with both its halves
Has no choice, but a constant strife.

Man is here to experience it all
The day is brighter after weary night
The vivid spring, following dull winters
 Evil is disturbing once concerned Uprights.

Freedom feels blessing, in known restraints
 But Man is superior to all voices
 Universe was created for him
Bestowed him, power of knowledge & choices.

Privilege to pick, took him to the top
Such option, not given to anything else
Rest is bound to move in single path
Free is Man, in the rounds of universe.