Thursday, May 31, 2012

No Regrets (by Samima)

Mindless jobs of long hours
Happiness nil, spirits sour
Work is critical, for dues n bills
Life so hard, in perpetual drill

 Why it has so much to bear
 Blessed only ones, but many despairs
Asking for more, losing moderations
Outlook to life needs contemplations
Happiness was there, always around us
Ignored it, indulged in petty wrong fuss

High earnings and status, we ran after
Were behind pace, so moved faster
The little pleasures of life were neglected
Happiness and life, were so disconnected
After the triumph when looked back
Found meaningless success, nothing intact

Still got time to clean things up
Every day brings new chance, fresh start ups
Life mustn't end in grieves and regrets
Lessons must be learned, patterns must reset

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Salad Days (by Samima Shah)

When life seems fun
Worries less or none

Days are carefree
Nights very sleepy

Energy over flowing
and Ideas pulsating

Choices are easy square
Books are biggest nightmare

School & College  formalities
Yet desire to conquer universality

The World begins with friends
 hot or not, follow every trend

 Parents are resourceful ones
Think have money in tons

Our judgements very harsh
Decisions quick, personality starched

Music is life, volume deafening
Want riches & fame at beginning

Everything starts with I, Me and My
Belong to Royalty, can’t comply

The special beings, destined to rule World
Individuality & Uniqueness, our favorite words

 Love and affairs are also in tunnel
A gossipmonger dropped my news through the funnel

Everything changes when reality hits
Life isn’t fair, everyone admits

It has seldom ups and many lows
Experience asks a lot, many setbacks and blows

Your friends aren’t your world whole
Everyone busy to hit his own goal

 Have to earn to make a living
 No pots of gold there, few upswings

Days are shorter, and nights less sleepy
Once were Salad days, now strange and creepy

But will steer these tough days well
Dreams will be true, after a hard work’s spell

Monday, May 28, 2012

Nature and Man (by Samima Shah )

She wants to be experienced and known
Needs solitude, wants him to be alone
Nature is bold, clear and manifesting
While Man opaque with fears and hauntings
See how she drapes everyday with sunshine
Hitting Him, effecting Him, so sharp and define
She makes things bright, whether huge or small
Nature is free, owned by none, enjoyed by all.

 Ever taken in the sun?
Experience some of it, don’t know how it begun
But a Child let its rays in to reach his heart
She (nature) smiles & says, “He’s still my part
He is pure, and in harmony
Sees through sunlight and feels sunny.”

(Nature to man)
Come to Me in woods and experience true self
 feel age free and borderless
sense my presence all around you
You and I are one, this is true
Our accord is beautiful delight
My principle is moderation, I never excite
I have delightful days and melancholic times
Nothing in world is in perpetual prime
But My (nature) contempt with you (man) takes a start
when you are consumed in your fire,  & take a halt
I would remain here without (you) my companion
My moment less complete, my sky more glum.

(inspired by Ralph W.Emerson essay Nature)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stay Spirited (by Samima)

Stay Spirited by investing in others
Expend part of you on them, clear smother

Love, honesty and smiles will help you stem
It can be compassion, or adorance for them

Make people around a part of you
Happiness will be enriched, and sorrows few

Fake attitudes and bigotry won’t buy much
Altruism lasts long, has a strong touch

Like a new day gives us another chance
Giving it to others also, is way to advance

Finding faults in others won’t be best endeavor
 Leave behind bad, as Goodness lasts forever.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Children (by Samima)

Raising two children, once reflected
was a changed person, never suspected

Motherhood transformed me into new soul
once a Queen, now Guard on patrol

World  has changed to 360 for me
 action calculated and thrifty; you see

Stamina for daily pressures is much high
Got flair to answer each n every WHY

High thresholds &  miraculous productivity
Organizing, taming pressures; increased sustainability

Nurturing children develops skills actually
 I’m an idea hamster now, quoting personally

At night when are sleeping, give a smile to my face
Survived another day, won another race ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

There is a God!!

Living the indulgent & busy lives
From day till evening, remains in strive
Handling matters one feels indispensable
Imperative for the life, death a fable
Having idea, that he runs the world
Otherwise progress is none, productivity twirled
Man, who considers himself absolutely free
The be-all, the end-all, ace of liberty
It’s true, has got lot of potential
Can move mountains, rest inconsequential
Stellar knowledge, making things world class
Information immense, like predicting and forecast

But Alas, all Success, still in oblivion
In loss and errs, reverts to the true companion
Realization grows with uncertainty
Vagueness and ambiguity, makes him saintly
Physical ailment or worldly oppression
Hard knocks of life, bring many confessions
But look at the Gracious, the Almighty
Still listens, and guide us Rightly
Forgives our forgetfulness and asks us to rethink
In  neglect, have missed the most essential link
Turn to HIM, whose there and listening
In turn is his kindness and countless blessings.
 (by Samima)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Seasonals ( A Poem) by Samima

Must have experienced all Seasons
Awaited them, without any reason
But Seasonals, a term coined to ephemeral
Attain short lived HIGHS, seldom durable
Definitely aren't  any veggies or fruits
But people around us, in varied pursuits

1st kind of Seasonal are new Homey Chefs
No humble requests listened, are deaf
Become Master Chefs by watching  BBC food
Taste their experiments, or be labeled Rude
Bear such seasonal, is someone close to you
Will make something good, in a day or two

2nd are Seasonal Writers and Readers
Their inspiration is close by, someone else a seeder
Make fabricated news known to you
Have an old reading habit, finish books in hours few
A little digging unfolds some obvious realizations
Skimming and somersaulting with a lot of exaggeration
Their writing is a word salad , incoherence worth seeing
Dream as published writers, such strange beings

Then comes the 3rd kind of Seasonal
Are philosophers and thinkers, No rules liable
Use others words and thoughts as their own
Quotation marks to them is unknown
If accidently you shed some light to it
A crime unforgetful, sure‘d commit
Be guarded, they can be around you
It’s your luck whichever gets you

Friday, May 18, 2012

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (by Samima)

When people get abusive someway
Are spreading hostility and hate
Harness your emotions, control your state
Indulge neither in discussion, nor debate
Leave certain things to God and fate
Good things come to those who wait.

Spiteful words and double meaning talks
Backbiting and spying, difficult to tolerate
On encounters, they always negate
Cash in your patience, better to collate
Time will answer such foul mates
Good things come to those who wait

Patience is a virtue
Some learn, some have innate
Whether its present or future state
Gratification delays, makes one Great
Tame your energies, stay steady and sedate
Good things come to those who wait.

Can you relate?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Your Troubles Are Making You Strong!

One after another
Challenges come, and grab your arm
You ask life, Now whats wrong?
Troubles said: We are making you strong

Living a breezy life
Where no effort tag along
One never realizes what he has
Grasps after struggle short or long
Troubles said: We are making you strong

the Man... helped butterfly in cocoon
Hindered its struggle, made a slit drawn
With swollen body and crippled wings
Would never now, but was a destined flown
Troubles said: We were making it strong

Everyone has a talent deeply sown
With no strive, stay hidden and unknown
In weakest moment, one becomes strong
So, cash in  hardships, they bring a new dawn
Troubles said: we will make you strong.
 (by Samima Shah)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life is larger than you and me

Likes & dislikes, preference & biases
Mundanely worries or heavenly glee
Existence must be liberated and free
Life is larger than you and me.

 We fall short to comprehend it sometimes
And say its not my cup of tea
Goals of ABC education, n  Job XYZ
Fail its meaning, when u look back and see
coz life is much larger than you and me

the success of life is achievement and victory
status, a big name, pots of Gold and Money
society  issues ones Boom’s decree
Tied all the way, but think you are free
Life is larger than you and me

Blessed  are the prosperous ones, I disagree
Worldly goals buy contentment, not  guaranteed
feel joyed when have peace internally
Your love, your children will complete this potpourri
So live as unbind not as abductee
Life is much larger than you and me.
( by Samima)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doronicums are Smiling!

Standing in a row
and greeting Hello
Doronicums are smiling
With their shiny Yellow.

The green hearty leaves
Encircle all fellows
Feel so soft, rich and mellow
Rose is a king but you a Stello
Doronicum are smiling
With their shiny Yellow.

Happiness so vivid by your tone
Wisdom s the symbol, shows n glows
Way you move when wind blows
Seems breeze playing its Cello
Doronicum are smiling
with their shiny Yellow.
 (by Samima Shah)

Spring is Here

Daisies are dancing
And Dandelions watching
Grass flaunting her green
Winter gone; now spring is the Queen

See daffodils and tulips
 Lilacs or Muscari's pointy tips
It’s beautiful transition, but won’t stay
Months are March, April and May

Notice the blossom on cherry tree
Blooming Sakura worth to see
Flying around are the honey bees
God I want this time to seize.

Spring brought new life and hope
Eternal Fall isn't easy to cope
So, sit and enjoy nature’s spree
Blessing of life abundant and free.
 (by Samima Shah)

Green Eyed Monsters!

(Everyone has to bear a Green eyed monster in life)

First they adore you
Try to explore you

Start to imitate you
Are disasters, so mostly blew

You wear cobalt, they'll bring rail blue
Dress aside, now it’s the same shoe

Then comes another interesting part
You become the nail in their heart

What you can, they can Overdo
Are green eyed monsters, who envies you

Treat them just like a seasonal flu
Which end its self, before one knew.
  (by Samima Shah)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Saladin (by Samima Shah)

A name well-known to West
And celebrated pride for East
Great warrior named Saladin
Was nemesis for crusades, world agrees.

Slim figured, dark complexioned
High endurance, melancholic expressions
Fond of polo and master of chess
Historied tolerance and farsightedness.

Islam was in oblivion, 
and Muslims disarrayed
United them, in one leadership
Were brothers of Syria and Egypt

Preferred simple living to palaces
Was a unique commander and strategist
Chivalrous to a fault
Trait so famous, even enemies didn’t miss

A veteran of war when recaptured Jerusalem 
Spills no blood, no revenge whatsoever
Sovereigns always know responsibilities
Show high restraints however

At Acre he amazes with more colors
Like forgiving ‘the lion heart’s’ dark offence
Sending a horse in battlefield
Was a General of high morals, truly immense.

Though considered death knell for Christianity
He showed prime respect and gallantry
Never attacked a Church or destroyed temple
To Women and children, showed supreme chivalry

Its besieged Castle of Aleppo
Or the Castle of Kerak
Kindness is Incomparable
Principles high, not common or generic

Gave Islam the lost height
And long awaited focal point
Made institutions for common man
His standards and virtue never disappoint

A man of Greatness
With Splendor and Distinction
Nothing low, and petty about him
Feels like a warrior of fiction

Commanders do win clashes and wars
Some completely, others in parts
Spilling blood can never what Gallantry starts
Greatness lies in winning battles along with hearts.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Success takes time

A custom 'In' with Youth of today
Don’t want struggle, yet dream to Shine
Dears! Hard work and Effort is crucial
Your success will take some time.

Mastering tasks demands toils and pains
Experience is High Mountain to climb
“Diligence is the mother of good fortune”
Wiser gets the idea, losers always whine

Doing things in steps and bits
Like A stitch in time saves nine
Or falling 9 times and getting up 10
Even diamonds need much friction and grind

Little achievements, setbacks, some errors
Suffering builds endurance, that’s prime
A plan and goal setting is important
Result is success and happiness divine.
 ( by Samima)

Lost and Delirious !

Oh my dear pa
Sometimes I'm lost like you.
For the pure love I never had,
Am I special, or the cursed few.
I longed that affection till you were gone.
Still burn like a flame, who knew.
When darkness comes, the deep dark one
Found my flame, and flew.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living Well (by Samima)

You feel Riches and wealth felicity agents
 Not a recipe for better life spent

Flying around, exotic foods and flashy cars
May add little but won’t fill  those happiness jars

How to acquire Joy is a million dollar question
Some small tricks, a good mindset will freshen

 Simple food and meaningful work that matters
Want little, desire few, woes would shatter

Live in present, stop future worries
Be happy who you are, let regrets bury

Feel grateful to life for small pleasures
Berries, chocolates & tea, sometimes good book a treasure.

Drive should be Joy never fear
 Interesting and valuable things complete life sphere

Practicing compassion to others is rewarding
And to yourself, it’s eating well and exercising

Life isn’t all goals, productivity and numbers
Treat lifes a gift, it’s the poor outlook that encumbers

(A poem I wrote inspired by Leo Babauta's Article)

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Transcendency (by Samima)

Life at times is just too hard
Tolled by duties, or its obligations that bombards

Responsibilities monotonous, tiring and immense
Breathing feels taxing and environment dense

Days become arduous, nights burdensome
Unpredictability is rendering the brain numb

But still stand unbowed some Iron men
Solemnity and sincerity to life stays unbent

Hope‘s their weapon, and optimism crown
 Life will test, but would never frown

Salaam to such unwavering hight spirited beings
Whose forbearance is meriting and patience worth seeing

Smiling and letting the hard knocks pass by
Such dignity and principles, one can’t defy

Left lasting visuals for people around ‘em
How many have u seen, such living gems.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Sly Fox

In life one meets crafty gals n guys
Are nothing more then a heap of lie
Ridiculous  cheats,  of every line
guessed the tale? hanging thereby

Shamelessly Steal, then bray on (others) talents
Oh Lord! help such shadowy spys
Their empty boasting, and cheap self praise
Shallowness making a hue and  cry

 Its God’s gift that money can't buy
But they would still give another try
Get over it, you Devil incarnate
Or mimicry thy talent,  rootless Sly.

In the Name of GOD!!

Atrocities committed when crusaders fought
Women, children murdered,
Were Non believers of Antioch & Marat
Jerusalem sieged for a noble Cause
Saracens slaughtered, plundered by holy squad
History sometimes render me distraught
All crimes committed in the name of God?

It’s the Ideal all want to reach
Closer to God is the sacred haught
The politics and economy is secretly sought
Are selling dreams, these fanatic bigots
Yet all crimes committed in the name of God.

Shia against Sunnis or Deobandi, Barelvie
All worship same God, still at odd
Conspiring and scheming
Considers oneself a believer, others NOT
Still all crimes committed in the name of God.

Slaughtering innocents, & calling it Jihad
Ruthless & heartless, these savage lots
Salvation of afterlife heartly seeking
Atonement for this one, never thought
All crimes committed in the name of GOD.
          ( by Samima Shah)

Saturday, May 05, 2012


Everyone has this secret confession
At times, suffer inadequacy or Depression

Feeling of lowliness and having not enough
Sometimes ask is ‘ material possessions’

At sea all time, floating in criticism
Touching the lows of blues and dejection

Things go bad n lose track
Its Life, has downturns with recessions

Stop  feeling wretched and hapless 
Life’s beautiful, your cursing is transgression

“Adopt the pace of nature, its patience”
Times always in flux, So, misery stays?  Out of Question.
(by Samima)

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Forbidden thinking

A plain matter or uphill concern
When are preached or played
Given knowledge of lemons to lemonade
Thinking for some is just of no aid

Being casual deliberately or unintentional
Fail to perceive humility masquerades
Are singing same old serenade,
Thinking for some is just of no aid.

Some impulsive n unpredictable
Hasty and emotional, crowing are unafraid
Common-sense lost n mislaid
Thinking for some is just of no aid.

Try to be reflective, act more pensive
Stop believing every bray displayed
Better to rethink, let 'Self' upgrade
But! Thinking for some is just of no aid.

Wisdom1 (by Samima)

Nowadays, emotions and weapons never wins u anything. Let it be an argument or  a battle.Its  keen observations, wise strategy and patience that triumphs. Your warrior nature can be your biggest weakness.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


There is a bluebird, sitting in my yard
Singing so gracefully, gives a bright start;
Your fine prsesnce in summers and spring
Comely blue plumage, on a branch u cling.

Its said; u carry sky on back,
How  a tiny nester can so much take
Its human boastings, I 've always found
Playing Ace, and  fake braggings around
But dear bluebird, you so humble
Carrying  sky , yet never mumble.

Sung equally for King and ordinary
Open Sky, alike and same for evrybody;
Why can’t we find such beautiful beings
Status and ranks these mortals seeing.

So dear bluebird! hurry back after winter
Hope it  proves to be a sprinter,
My query would be the secret for humility
coz Vanity and Pride is a virtue in  Nobility.