Thursday, May 17, 2012

Your Troubles Are Making You Strong!

One after another
Challenges come, and grab your arm
You ask life, Now whats wrong?
Troubles said: We are making you strong

Living a breezy life
Where no effort tag along
One never realizes what he has
Grasps after struggle short or long
Troubles said: We are making you strong

the Man... helped butterfly in cocoon
Hindered its struggle, made a slit drawn
With swollen body and crippled wings
Would never now, but was a destined flown
Troubles said: We were making it strong

Everyone has a talent deeply sown
With no strive, stay hidden and unknown
In weakest moment, one becomes strong
So, cash in  hardships, they bring a new dawn
Troubles said: we will make you strong.
 (by Samima Shah)

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