Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living Well (by Samima)

You feel Riches and wealth felicity agents
 Not a recipe for better life spent

Flying around, exotic foods and flashy cars
May add little but won’t fill  those happiness jars

How to acquire Joy is a million dollar question
Some small tricks, a good mindset will freshen

 Simple food and meaningful work that matters
Want little, desire few, woes would shatter

Live in present, stop future worries
Be happy who you are, let regrets bury

Feel grateful to life for small pleasures
Berries, chocolates & tea, sometimes good book a treasure.

Drive should be Joy never fear
 Interesting and valuable things complete life sphere

Practicing compassion to others is rewarding
And to yourself, it’s eating well and exercising

Life isn’t all goals, productivity and numbers
Treat lifes a gift, it’s the poor outlook that encumbers

(A poem I wrote inspired by Leo Babauta's Article)

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