Thursday, May 31, 2012

No Regrets (by Samima)

Mindless jobs of long hours
Happiness nil, spirits sour
Work is critical, for dues n bills
Life so hard, in perpetual drill

 Why it has so much to bear
 Blessed only ones, but many despairs
Asking for more, losing moderations
Outlook to life needs contemplations
Happiness was there, always around us
Ignored it, indulged in petty wrong fuss

High earnings and status, we ran after
Were behind pace, so moved faster
The little pleasures of life were neglected
Happiness and life, were so disconnected
After the triumph when looked back
Found meaningless success, nothing intact

Still got time to clean things up
Every day brings new chance, fresh start ups
Life mustn't end in grieves and regrets
Lessons must be learned, patterns must reset

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