Monday, November 26, 2012

A tale of Goodwill!!

A family of four; parents & two sons;
Charlie the elder, young was Harrison.

Every blessing of World ' imagine,
Father provided keenly WITH abundant fashion.

But something tormented him inside,
Peeled his flesh n blood, was Charlie his pride.

Dearest to him, was upshot of his dreams
But seemed aloof & angry, demands extreme.

A connection suggested: 'be friends with your sons,
'may lose the end, this gap is grave concern'.

Thought of intervention towards younger son,
Forbade him to imitate, boy was Harrison.

One day asked the younger one:
Spare sometime my dear son

Some interests to relate, define & renew
Share mundanely matters, or when u feel blue.

'Feel free to tell secrets, I am your friend'
And father felt feather light, thought relations all mend.

That Young soul took advice to heart.
Green & unfledged, thought a friendly start.

But what to talk or tell, nothing came to mind;
Next day after school, Harrison skipped play time,

And waited for his father’s to come from work.
Sat along him, questioned nonsense irks.

Father answered few, but wasn't in a mood
Conversation at sea, matters very crude.

Next day boy waited again
But still no hope, not much gain.

Without any clue started the same discussion,
Pointless it was, knew result was concussion.

Never called for, two days in a stack
Goodwill once volunteered, but hope s taking aback.

Still with spirits though not very high,
Son waited third day, to meet his big guy.

Same clueless questions he had;
But Answer this time, was bitter and sad.

'Why so inquisitive & interrogative to me,
I am your father, not a proven guilty'.

Son stood baffled, what to say ….
But friendship was confident enough to sneak away.