Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Snyya- my little lark (by Samima)

O’ Snyya! My darling, noisy little lark
Cheerful and chatty, you want an early morning start,
I say: ‘Go to sleep hun, it’s still very dark’.

You came to us, as a memorable gift.
Hamza sensed your absence, while playing in the park.
How easily you filled that big question mark.

Can still remember, the day you were born
So fair and beautiful, mirroring an angel
Your father was proud and I sublime,
You surely raised our beauty benchmark.

We feel so blessed to have you dear
Your brother, yet another
Whose love is a hallmark.

I pray for you, and your golden future.
My Rain after dry weather and Sunshine after night's stark

You'll shine like a Star, not just a spark.
(Samima Shah-Faheem)

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