Friday, April 06, 2012

Hamza (by Samima)

You came to us as a blessing
 I overwhelmed, showered my love in kissing.

You were so delicate and small when born.
And I always keen for how to adorn.

I remember the day you gave the first smile.
And babbled baba first, but I never mind

You were sharp in noticing habits.
 Throwing rappers in a bin, soon as you grab it.

You did your early milestones in time.
All of a sudden there was a decline.

We were so worried for you not talking
 Were trying hard, but something was balking.

Me always gloomy and your father blue
We left no stone unturned, for finding clue.

Then our prayers were finally granted.
Came to this world, recovery seed finally planted.

You were green and naïve in the beginning.
Something charming happened, when trust was thinning.

You started with some small sentences.
Your father and I both asked for repentance.

The progress is still on its way.
We are all fighting for you each n every day.

I know you'll win this battle soon.

And we'll find true happiness after a blue moon.