Tuesday, May 01, 2012


There is a bluebird, sitting in my yard
Singing so gracefully, gives a bright start;
Your fine prsesnce in summers and spring
Comely blue plumage, on a branch u cling.

Its said; u carry sky on back,
How  a tiny nester can so much take
Its human boastings, I 've always found
Playing Ace, and  fake braggings around
But dear bluebird, you so humble
Carrying  sky , yet never mumble.

Sung equally for King and ordinary
Open Sky, alike and same for evrybody;
Why can’t we find such beautiful beings
Status and ranks these mortals seeing.

So dear bluebird! hurry back after winter
Hope it  proves to be a sprinter,
My query would be the secret for humility
coz Vanity and Pride is a virtue in  Nobility.