Monday, March 26, 2012

Remembering and learning from Past!

Learning through history’s chronological events one cognizes that it is in a state of perpetual repetition. Sometimes the time and space differs, at others continent and century but the phenomenon recapitulates. A tainted ruling class with autocratic powers, discriminatory rule of laws, judicial system null and void, unheeded working class, leading to bloodily revolution for the freedom from cannibalistic system and a lengthy civil war. Among them a leader emerges, who intends to make the fresh system roll, device his own ideals and standards for good and against the evil. But during the culmination of these ideals becomes tyrant, indulges in mass murders and terrorism against his own countrymen. Lose the intrinsic value of the pristine goal, at the hands of one person paranoia and the system is back to square one even after a lengthy grind. Until and unless individuals have  a perspective and learning from the past, their chances of having a cutting edge in future is rare. So are bound to repeat incursions, rendering much toiled struggle  in vain. (Samima)

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