Thursday, February 23, 2012

In these FaceBook Days.

I think It lately would happend to almost all of us specially  in these face book  days, just by looking at people’s (the so called fb friends) cool outlook, which  includes the new places they are visiting, the designer clothes/lawns they are wearing (not actually, just by liking its fb page :p), the exhibitions/concerts  they are going to attend, their new flashy car, or even a new red sofa they bought. One feel a bit lost, very under gifted, and less blessed . The feeling of Why I’ve less and he/she got more, is increasing because of show off race. I won’t say with unrelieved confidence that everything is deliberate but it’s not very unintentional either.  This utterly  nonsense bandwagon  is so contagious specially for suggestible people, which are in abundance in any society, that no logic or reason seems workable. I am having this feeling for months now to write about this attitude around my fb friends, which is causing a new wave of shallowness, a new low. And the attitude isn’t just stopping here it starts a cycle of increasing the feeling of discontentment and unhappiness towards one own state, leading to hatred towards the one who has it (or shows off about it), which runs back to the feeling of being lost/ungifted and less blessed.
So its eating us all from the inside and our thought process is the parasite itself. How to deal with it.....Change the thought process, by changing the medium, Join Twitter .... SORTED :D. 

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